Sign Up Forms

All signup this year will be done through – for more information on how this will be done, please see the manual here:

Due to the increasing size of the team, events will have a registration cap on them.  All students are welcomed to sign up for any of the events they’d like to attend, but their attendance is not guaranteed.  Once I close sign ups I will choose students/partnerships to attend the tournaments based on the following variables:

  • Practice Attendance
  • Preparedness at Practices
  • Assignment Completion
  • Previous Tournaments Attended

Therefore, its important that if you sign up for the tournament you understand how attendance at that tournament with be attended.  If you can not meet the expectations required to attend before the tournament, please do not sign up.  This means if you know you have a hard academic schedule approaching or need to prepare for SAT/ACT testing, please do not sign up and take away a spot from another student.

2017-2018 Tournament Registrations

University of Kentucky Season Opener – Lexington, KY (Sept 8-11, 2017) – Offering Varsity CX, PF, LD – OPEN

Greenhill Round Robin – Dallas, TX (Sept 14-15, 2017) – Invite Only

Greenhill Invitational – Dallas, TX (Sept 16-18, 2017) – Offering Varsity CX, LD – Students attending will depart on Wednesday Sept 13, 2017 along with the Round Robin attendee.

Georgetown University Invitational – Washington, DC (Oct 7-8, 2017) – Offering Middle School, JV, & Varsity PF

New York City Invitational – Bronx NY (Oct 13-15, 2017) – Offering Varsity CX, PF, LD

Scarsdale Invitational – Scarsdale, NY (Nov 10-11, 2017) – Offering Varsity & Novice PF, LD

NY Fall Faceoff – Mamaroneck, NY (Nov 10-12, 2017) – Offering Varsity & Novice CX

Glenbrook Invitational – Northbrook, IL (Nov 18-20, 2017) – Offering JV and Varsity CX, Varsity PF, Varsity LD

Ridge Debates – Basking Ridge, NJ (December 8-9, 2017) – Novice & Varsity CX, PF, LD

Blake Invitational – Minneapolis, MN (December 15-17, 2017) – Varsity CX, PF, LD

Newark LD Round Robin – Newark NJ (January 4-5, 2018) – Invite Only

Newark Invitational – Newark, NJ (January 5-6, 2018) – Novice & Varsity PF, LD

Lexington Invitational – Lexington, MA (January 13-15, 2018) – Novice & Varsity CX, LD & Varsity PF

Columbia Invitational – Harlem, NY (January 19-21, 2018) – Varsity PF, LD

Emory University Barkley Forum – Atlanta, GA (January 26-28, 2018) – Varsity CX, PF, LD

Harvard University – Cambridge, MA (February 17-19, 2018) – JV & Varsity CX, PF, LD

Lakeland Invitational – Shrub Oak, NY (March 2-4, 2018) – Middle School, Novice, Varsity CX, PF, LD

Tournament of Champions – Lexington, KY (April 28-30, 2018) – Varsity CX, PF, LD

Middle School Tournament of Champions – Lexington, KY (May 12-13, 2018) – Middle School CX, PF, LD

**Other End of the Year Events (States, Nationals, etc) will be announced at a later date